My story

My name is Pavel Sedláček, I am the owner of brand and company and my passion for aquaristics started 35 years ago. Here is a part of my story:

Aquaristics is a beautiful hobby and whoever once falls for it, sticks with it for life. It begins with a small aquarium, couple of plants and a shoal of little fish. Then more fish come. New species are added. Larger, more interesting, more complex to cultivate. Aquarium expands, then multiplies. The key impulse is most often the first success in breeding in a community aquarium.

I have gone along such path as well. Back then, while intensively seeking new Altum Scalares (Angelfish), I have met a breeder specialized in Discus breeding. That started a new period of my aquaristic hobby. I have completely succumbed to Discus´s spell. Watching the majestic adult mating couples clean the breeding cone and lay afterwards was magical.

The whole article about my first steps as a Discus breeder is available here.