Lukáš Vlach and his Discus farm in Slatinky u Olomouc were my first inspiration, the place where I fell for cultivation of these beautiful and majestic fish. I have built my farm with a significant help from Lukáš, he introduced me to Discuses.


Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine

Jason Oneppo, the editor in chief of the American Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine, had motivated me to write my first article concerning cultivating Discuses. The article was published in the Q3 2019 issue of this wonderful magazine. Full-text is available here. For a number of additional articles considering fish and water plants keeping, aquarium instalment or high profile aquaristic figures follow the link bellow.



Water exchange is one of the key points in Discus care. The company Aquaplenish manufactures unique electronic devices for treating and exchange of water in aquariums. It was thanks to president of the company, Glen Penrose, that I was able to try this innovative device, which I highly recommend not only to Discus keepers.


OASE Living Water

The company OASE is known mostly thanks to their products used in care and keeping of garden lakes. However, it has entered the aquaristic market as well and I have to say, it has earned my trust. Quality design, perfect processing and high functionality is always appreciated.


Interested in cooperation?

I am open to possibilities of further cooperation in the field of Discus cultivation. If you are interested, please send suggestions or questions to info@czechdiscus.cz or +420 603 583 717 (via SMS at first please).